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Interview to Íris FM radio

Interview given to Íris FM radio, 91.4, about the 3in1 Film Fest, with the journalist Marta Carvalhal as speaker. It was recorded for radio and video for the radio channel Youtube. Soon, the pod-cast and the video link.

Protocol with the Almeirim County

A protocol was signed with the Almeirim County for the success of the Cinema Festival 3in1 Film Fest, signed by the Mayor of Almeirim and the president of the Alentejo and Ribatejo Film Commission, responsible for organizing this festival.

Lusófona University

The Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies joins the 3in1 Film Fest. The role of the academy lends value to this initiative, reinforcing the role of the decentralization of culture.


A protocol was signed with the Commercial, Business and Services Association of Santarém, which will allow its members to benefit from a 15% discount on the support and sponsorship rates for the festival.

The Festival

The “3in1 Film Fest” is a new international film festival dedicated to short, very short and making of’s, in Almeirim, Portugal, that will take place on 22nd, 23rd and 24th November 2019, at Cine-teatro de Almeirim.

Almeirim is 10 kmfrom the district capital, Santarém and 70 kms from Lisbon.

There are 4 competition categories in this first edition: short fiction, short

documentaries, very shortfiction and making of’s. Inaddition to these 4 awards, we also have the award of the public.

We are the first festival of Making Of’s in Portugal.

Alongside the competition, the festival includes two workshops (“How to shoot with amobile phone”and “How to be a youtuber”), amaster class on financing an independent production, a documentary exhibition of the region as a location and a demonstration of Virtual Reality (RV).


Greece is the guest country of this first edition, with a short showcase of Greek short films and a tasting of helenic flavors.

We are ready to receive your films and we are ready to welcome you to the festival.



The 3in1 Film Fest is an initiative and organization of Alentejo and Ribatejo Film Commission and it have João Antero (Film Commissioner) as organizer.

Festival director

Bernardo Antero is the director of the festival. He is director, film teacher and first time director of a festival.

Honor Commission

Ana Paula Amendoeira – Directora Regional da Cultura do Alentejo (Presidente)

António Ceia da Silva – Presidente da Entidade Regional de Turismo do Alentejo

Pedro Ribeiro – President of the Comunidade Intermunicipal Lezíria do Tejo

Eurico Henriques – City ​​Councilor of Almeirim County

Paulo Trancoso – Presidente da Academia Portuguesa de Cinerma

Manuel José Damásio – Administractor of Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias

Jacques Mer – President of Algarve Film Commission

Bruno Manique – President of Centro de Portugal Film Commission

Carlos Sargedas – President of Arrábida Film Commission

Selection Committee

The selection committee will select the films submitted to ensure the quality of the festival, according to technical, artistic and content criteria. Movie submissions do not discriminate themes, genres, ethnicities, religions.


Margarida Cardoso

Born in Tomar, Portugal. She studied Image and Audiovisual Communication at the António Arroio School of Arts in Lisbon. From 1982 to 1995 she worked in Portugal and France as assistant director, director and scene photographer.

In 1995, she began writing and conducting his own films, exploring subjects that intersect his personal history with prominent issues in Portugal’s recent history, such as the colonial war in Africa, the revolution and the end of the colonial era.

The documentaries “Natal 71”, “Kuxa Kanema – The birth of cinema” and the fictions “The Coast of the Murmurs” and “Yvone Kane” are among his best known films.

Her films have been shown and awarded at festivals such as Rotterdam, Venice and Locarno.

In 2005, she received the rank of Commander of the Order of the Infante D. Henrique for his contribution to the dissemination of Portuguese culture. In 2015, the Departimentio di studi Letterari, Linguistici e Comparati – Università degli Studi, Napoli L’Orientale, created the “Margarida Cardoso Chair”, a center of creative research and practice inspired by her works. 

Francisco Dias

Francisco Dias is an Adjunct Professor of Tourism at the Polytechnic of Leiria, researcher at CITUR and coordinator of the Nucleus of Research in Tourist Destinations (NID). He holds a PhD in Tourism Sciences from the University of Perpignan – France (2006) and a Master’s degree in Social Psychology from the University of Porto (1997).

His professional curriculum is vast and multifaceted. He founded the scientific journal EJTHR, of which he was director (2010-2015). He founded the EATSA – Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Association, having been its president in the first term (2015-2018), and is currently the vice president for Europe. As a tourism researcher, he has carried out studies that cover a wide range of topics, from the tourist imagination to the management of destination brands. He is also coordinator of two important R&D projects, namely: Sustainable Tourism Observatory of the Center of Portugal; Monitoring the value of global tourist destination brands. He is also vice-president of the Center of Portugal Film Commission, having participated in its foundation. He is the general director of the ART & TUR – International Tourism Film Festival.

Carlos Sargedas

Carlos Sargedas was born in Sesimbra, into a family linked to the arts, where his ancestors were people of some importance in Opera, Music, Cinema, Radio and Theater and Television. Carlos Sargedas, started at the age of 8 in cinema and later also excelled in Portuguese radio.

Also went through the stages, but quickly went backstage where he was a rule, stage manager, point and lighting assistant. He worked in several theaters

alongside some of the great names of Portuguese theater and with them he learned a lot about stage art on stage and behind the scenes.

He was in the technical area, where he finished his activity at the Teatro Maria Matos, where he took his first steps in photography.

More than 38 years of activity linked to the production of photography and video. Producer, director, director of documentaries and with a little work around the world.

Carlos Sargedas is the Presidente of Arrábida Film Commission and the director of the Finisterra Festival.

Eduardo Pinto

Professor at the University of Algarve at Communication Design Course – between 2001 and 2006, in the disciplines of Digital Video Montage and Communication.

Design.Member of the Algarve Film Commission.

Financial Club Member of Faro since 1986.

Alfa Partner Free Association of Algarve Photographers. Some exhibitions – Collective and solo exhibitions at the IPDJ of Faro and Setúbal. Exhibition about places (Historical, Coastal and Rural) and scene photographs for Cinema and CCDR Algarve – Faro. Solo exhibition at Galeria Arco in Faro. EDIT ”in Punta Umbría with two short films and exhibited photographs at Teatro del Mar. Solo exhibition of photography at“ Casa Grande ”in Ayamonte.

In the Algarve 365 program, there was a photo exhibition “Documentar Algarve Interior”, which visited the CCDR Algarve, Casa do Sal Castro Marim, Silves Castle, Albufeira Municipal Historical Archive, Ciip Cacela – Research Center Heritage Information. Photography Exhibition “Life-time”- ARCO Gallery in Faro.

Film and documentary festivals made: 1º place – with the short film” Encanto Num Minuto “(2012) / Portuguese Film Paths Festival- Coimbra; 2nd place – with the short film “From time to time I get up and go to the window” (2013) / 1st International Film and Mental Health Festival – Faro. Documentary “Algarve Sheep” Santo Estevão. Tavira (2012) Documentary “A Day at the Holy House” Castro Marim (2013).

Jury of the Odemira Digital Film Festival – Jury of the Art & Tur Festival of Cinema and Tourism Barcelos. Jury of the Finisterra Arrábida Festival Film Art & Tourism Festival.

Jury of Shortcutz Faro.

Jury of the ÁQUILA 2018 Television and Cinema Awards in Lisbon.

João Cayatte

Graduated by the Superior School of Theater and Cinema, where he obtained his degree (1985). Attendance of the History course of the Faculdade de Artes de Lisboa, He began his professional career as a first assistant director, where he worked in national and foreign films, including Non, ou a vã glória de mandar, de Manuel de Oliveira, The House of Russia, by Fred Schepisi, L’Accompanhatrice by Claude Miller, Antóbio Campo’ Cold Land, Charles Sturridges’s Gulliver’s Travel, Pierre Koralnik’s Maigret, Roberto Faenza’s Afirma Pereira, Walter Salles Jr’s Foreign Land, Frederic Auburtin’s Volpone, Francisco Manso’s Napumoceno, Leonel Vieira’s The jungle, Patrick Timsi’s Quasimodo, and John Malkovitch’s The Upstairs, among others.

As director, he made several documentary series (Behind the scenes, My neighborhood, among others for RTP1, and several publicity films, as well as several election campaigns. Coordinated and edited all historical films integrated in the Centennial Exhibitions of the Republic. He directed the documentary The triumph of a life, being commissioned by the Museum/Fundação Medeiros and Almeida Lately, she has finished the documentary “Chains descripts” as part of the literary festival. In the field of fiction, he started as director of the 2nd team, in the series for RTP 1 “Code Name: Sintra”, “Police Station”, “Raia dos Medos”, “Lagardére”.

In Film, as Director: “Guilherme e Maria”, Short Film from Roald Dahl, 14 min., “João Semana”, 13-episode series, “Pedro e Inês”, 13-episode series, “When the wolves howl ”, 12-episode series,“ House of Women, ”Telefilme 1h30min. for TVI, “An Azorean Family”, 8-episode series, “Claraboía”, recording of the play by J. Saramago.

He was a visiting professor at the Television and Cinema course at Lusófona University where he taught, for 6 years, the chair – Atelier of realization, of the 3rd year. Professor at ACT – School of Actors, for the last 7 years, with the discipline of directing actors for television. He is currently part of the faculty of the A.M.A.-Actor School. He was part of the FIKE jury and the Avanca Film Festival jury. President of the Festin 2014 feature film jury. He is a member of the board of directors of the Portuguese Academy of Cinema, having been part of the jury for the Sophia-Student awards and the Passport initiative, also held by A. P. de Cinema.

José Rato

José Rato began his career as Assistant Director at TVI in 1994. In 1995 he started to operate camera and to make lighting for studio. in 2003 he joined where he took the photography course, which ended in 2006.

In the same year of 2006, he headed to Rockport-Maine, USA, where he graduated in Cinematography, Film & Digital.

In 2009, he entered the Master Degree in Film Studies at ESCL. In a course of continuous formation, he was doing several Photography Direction Workshops in Poland, at the Camerimage Festival and in Potrtugal through AIP, where he had the opportunity to interact with some of the most renowned cinematograpfers and directors of photography that contributed to improve the his taste for the cinematic recreation of life.

For 25 years, he has been collaborating with several Portuguese and foreign filmmakers. His works include Fine-Art photography, feature and short films, documentaries, advertising, TV series and video clips.

Pedro Sena Nunes

Pedro Sena Nunes completed his Film Course in 1992 at the School of Theater and Cinema. Between Barcelona, Lyon, Sitges, Budapest, Lisbon and Florence participated in courses and workshops in film, pgotography, vídeo, theater and fcreative writing. He has made documentaries, fiction and expertimental film and video work, and produced over 100 television and radio advertising spots. He has a scholarship from several institutions – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, University of Sciences of Lisbon, Pépenières, Visions.

He was the founder of the Southern Theater,, Apordoc and Portuguese Association of directors and is artistic director of the Vo’Arte Association. He was a visiting professor at the school of Theater and cinema (ESCT), Forum Dance, Piaget Institute, Ana Wilson School, Glasgow Film and Video Workshop (GFVW), Moving Center (CEM) and ETIC (Technical School of Image and Communication). At ETIC, besides being a trainer and project coordinator, he assumed responsability for the image and sound area, professional and technical teaching, designing courses and creating pedagogical and artistic projects in an authorial dimension. He was Creative Director pof ETIC.

In his extensive curriculum, Pedro Sena Nunes has several awards and distinctions in the areas of photography, video and cinema.

Sérgio Graciano

Sérgio Graciano (1975, Lisboa) has been making films for 14 years. Made several feature films, short films and documentaries.

For the past 12 years he has directed several fictions for RTP, SIC and TVI. Won one International Emmy for the soap opera “Laços de Sangue” and was nominated for same prize twice more. It has 8 gfeature films (3 of which are being edited).

He accumulates some awards at national and international festivals.

Francisco Bravo Ferreira

Producer, independente distributor with FBF Films.

He produced Moral Conjugal, Desavergonhadamente Real and Suicídio Encomendado.

He made the short Talk to Me.

Manuel Mozos

Executive Committee

João Antero (Organizer and Film Commissioner)

Bernardo Antero (Festival director)

João Tomás (Public relations)

Norberto Figueiredo (exhibitions and communication)

Margarida Froufe (Secretariat)

Rafael Matos (Technical area)


and Press Office

The press office and all

comunication of the festival is the responsibility of Primeira Imagem, Comunication Agency, Lisbon, Portugal

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Graphic design

The graphic design of the festival and the corporate image is by Rute Muchacho.


Film submissions are made in the FilmFreeway platform.

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